Clients use our services because they do not have the time, knowledge or motivation to do what is necessary themselves  to accomplish their goals in a professional and cost-effective manner. When you car needs repair--you can try to fix it yourself for free, or you can seek  a professional to address your problem. This is where DPT can help.

Doc Prep Team

Our Process

Clients of DPT begin with a screening consultation. Those who choose to work with us execute a mutually-agreed-upon contract clearly stating the terms of the agreement. Clients then provide us with the information necessary to complete any variety of paperwork. 

Once DPT has sufficient information for your task at hand, we complete all the documents required and send them to the  appropriate party.

Once any paperwork  is submitted, we continue to track the case and respond to any questions the recipient may have. Frequently clients must provide us with further information due to questions that may arise. It is essential that we receive responses in a timely fashion to avoid the risk of a certain negative outcome.

The final decision on all application-type work rests entirely upon the recipient of your application and DPT has no part in the decision. We can make no guarantee, either expressed or implied, that any desired outcome will be achieved.  We do make an effort to avoid accepting clients for programs with little chance of a positive benefit or outcome. Many companies take money preparing paperwork that they know will not achieve the client's goals. 

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